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Relationship between Systems Theory and Healthcare Delivery in the U.S.

Conversation of the connection between frameworks hypothesis and medicinal services conveyance in the U.S.System hypothesis is a science that reviews frameworks. Framework hypothesis examines the manner in which frameworks impart, how they are fruitful or why they fall flat. Given this data it is evident how frameworks hypothesis can be applied to medicinal services. Human services conveyance is a framework. The human services conveyance framework is made out of a wide range of parts. Specialists, medical attendants, social laborers, patients, family, drug specialists, government projects to give some examples. The medicinal services framework is answerable forever and appendage so should work strongly. Examining the medicinal services framework and applying the frameworks hypothesis enables social insurance conveyance to increment ideal patient results in the U.S.(Petula, 2005)Discussion of the connection between dissemination of development hypothesis and the change procedure insid e human services conveyance in the U.S.Diffusion of advancement hypothesis clarifies how new data including new innovation spreads through a culture. Dispersion of development hypothesis clarifies how the imformation is presented, conveyed and applied. Dissemination of advancement hypothesis additionally clarifies to what extent it takes for the data to be imparted, spread, just as by whom and why. The investigation of this hypothesis enables numerous enterprises to make change inside their systems.This hypothesis can be applied to practically any circumstance where new imformation and development should be presented effectively. Dissemination of advancement hypothesis is significant on how proof based practice is acquainted with the U.S. social insurance field. By seeing how proof based data and advancement is acknowledged and actualized we can expand the likelyhood that it will be acknowledged and utilized. Fast selection of prove based consideration can improve tolerant results a nd fulfillment. Change inside the U.S. wellbeing framework can be troublesome. Dissecting the change procedure through the dissemination of advancement hypothesis can help the adjustment in medicinal services be all the more effectively done.Discussion of the connection between frameworks hypothesis and current nursing practiceCurrent nursing practice is a consequence of the use of frameworks hypothesis to nursing. Current healthcare's, because of frameworks hypothesis,  focus is rewarding the procedures of social insurance for example thecommunication of the different heathcare parts as significant as the parts themselves. It  is not enought to employ the best guardians however to ensure the parental figures have the best apparatuses to use to cooperate in the most ideal  manner. Interdisciplinary connections in human services are significant and upheld under frameworks hypothesis. Frameworks hypothesis underpins  interdisciplinary joint effort and social compatency just as aptitude compentancy.(Petula, 2005)Discussion of the connection between dissemination of advancement hypothesis and current nursing practiceMuch of the new data identified with improving human services depend on the comprehension of Innovation hypothesis. With the comprehension  of how medicinal services development is presented and implimented, another or human services advancement can be fused rapidly and reach  successfully the objective of implimentation, quality improvement, and ideal patient results in social insurance. Understanding dissemination of  innovation hypothesis can support Supervisors and different practitioners of progress give the fundamental instruments to change to happen among nurses.Diffusion of Innovation hypothesis in current nursing practice is particularly required with the progressions that nursing is experiencing as of now ever. With the courtywide usage of the electronic clinical record commanded by the U.S. government just as the Affordable Hea lthcare Act the comprehension of how to succefully actualize these adjustments in nursing is significant. With the order of the administration set up dissemination of development hypothesis is and will be a significant device in the achievement of consolidating new nursing aptitudes into the nursing profession.Summarization of the inquiry methodologies used to obtain data on the predefined theoriesMy essential apparatus in scanning for frameworks hypothesis was Google. Along these lines I had the option to accumulate different locales devoted to frameworks hypothesis. At the point when I needed to tie frameworks hypothesis into nursing I added the word nursing to frameworks hypothesis in the inquiry bar. Thusly I had the option to see numerous articles from nursing diaries about frameworks hypothesis and how it identified with nursing.I was additionally ready to see data on frameworks hypothesis on Wikipedia. I led comparative scans for dissemination of development hypothesis. I goo gled dispersion of advancement hypothesis first at that point consolidated nursing into the hunt bar to get data on how they tie into one another. CINAHL was likewise utilized in my searches.It was genuinely simple to utilize however not as simple as google. I was dazzled with how much data explicit to nursing was accessible. With CINAHL when leading my inquiries there were a couple of more advances. The initial step was to sign onto the WGU site at that point sign onto the library. I additionally needed to tap on the Federated database search at that point pick CINAHL. There was a hunt bar where you can enter your topic and include connections, for example, mine, nursing.

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The Arguments For and Against Giving Sentencing Discounts Where There Essay

The Arguments For and Against Giving Sentencing Discounts Where There is a Guilty Plea - Essay Example Different contentions against condemning limits incorporate the perils of honest defendant’s confessing out of dread that the person in question may be sentenced at preliminary and get the most extreme punishment. It has likewise been contended, that the act of allowing a diminished sentence in return for a blameworthy request is an instigation which is basically an infringement of procedural equity. 4 This paper gives a basic investigation of contentions for and against condemning limits in return for a liable supplication. Subsequent to weighing the two sides of the contention, this exploration study concurs that the act of granting a decrease in condemning when a litigant enters a blameworthy supplication ought to be held. This paper is separated into three sections. The initial segment of this paper gives a review of the act of condemning limiting when a litigant confesses. ... In any case, a typical topic by and by is the way that various elements impact the extent of the markdown. Probably the most widely recognized elements is the point at which the blameworthy supplication is entered and the â€Å"extent to which the request saved powerless witnesses† the need of affirming. 6 In England and Wales, respondents who concede at an opportune time can expect a sentence rebate of up to 30 percent. Be that as it may, litigants who concede toward the beginning of the preliminary can hope to get a littler markdown. The typical markdown for a blameworthy supplication toward the start of a preliminary is close to 10 for each cent.7 It would in this manner create the impression that the condemning limits practice works as a compensation for confessing and previous proper mediation. Albeit no real arrangement of sentence is directed with the appointed authority, the litigant basically foregoes the privilege to a proper mediation in return for a decreased sente nce.8 Sentencing limits are not programmed in any case. For example in Landy, the Court of Appeal held that a sentence markdown isn't ensured where a respondent who confesses has been â€Å"caught red-handed† or the proof against the litigant is overwhelming.9 However, the Court of Appeals administering seems to repudiate the fundamental reason for granting a rebate in return for a blameworthy request: the productive organization of equity as it permits the courts to get rid of a case all the more rapidly and direct its concentration toward other cases.10 Regardless of whether a respondent is caught in the act or not or the proof against the person in question is overpowering, the litigant is qualified for a preliminary. By confessing, the respondent is deferring his/her entitlement to a reasonable preliminary and is liberating the court’s schedule

An Unexpected Gift Essay Example For Students

An Unexpected Gift Essay Marisol strolled into the huge highschool building. There were individuals associating in little gatherings right down the long primary lobby. She looked at her timetable and headed tward her top notch. On her way she passed individuals she would have waved to in center school, individuals that wouldve grinned were they not all that obsorbed in themselves now, they didnt notice her. In her five star of the day, which was English, she sat in the corner behind a gathering of chuckling young ladies. They young ladies passed notes to her, however just for her to pass on. They young lady who gave off an impression of being their pioneer, talked with a drawl, and when shed swing her head around nearly hitting Marisol with her hair, shed apologize and guarantee shed overlooked anybody was behind her. Marisol wasnt suprized; Marisol thought the young lady cap most likely overlooked her own name on occasion. The remainder of the day was similarly as momentous; individuals pushing past her in the lobby, gatherings of folks and young ladies passing notes and she was invisable. Toward the day's end, Marisol hung up an image of her mom in her storage. She cried delicate tears unobtrusively, as she agonizingly recalled the night her mom took her final gasp, which had just been weeks prior. Considerations of her moms grin, chuckle, voice, and kind words made her heart hurt. Marisol! Ive been searching all over for you! Tamera, Marisols closest companion, interupted her forlorn contemplations. Tamera was a short medium estimated red-headed young lady, with a major grin on consistently. Goodness, nectar, would you say you are alright? Tamera humiliated Marisol. Truly Im fine. Marisol answered solumnly. Alright, great. I discovered this little bit of paper in our storage this grieving. It had your name on it, however I didnt think youd mind on the off chance that I read it. Tamera gave the magled note, which unmistakably had been collapsed perfectly at once, to Marisol. It says like, so much stuff about holy messengers watching you, and that, similar to, you should grin, and a wide range of stuff. I think youve got an admirer! Tamera smiled and held up as Marisol unfurled the note, whos past sharp overlays had been constrained into an odd lopsided square. The handwritting looked wonderful, and it was imprinted in green ink. Each word appeared to be uncommonly picked and made her heart load up with euphoria. As her eyes disregarded each word she felt lighter and more joyful than she had all week. She couldnt help however grin. Marisols first day of highschool began so ineffectively before, shed idea shed return home and cry. In the wake of perusing the expressions of somebody, some astonishing individual with a blessed messengers mind who clearly cherished her without a doubt, Marisol not, at this point felt invisable. Truth be told she knew she wasnt invisable and couldnt be if there was somebody who might be listening that she enlivened to compose those delightful extraordinary words that were composed uniquely for her.

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Blake :: essays research papers

In Blake's "London" the speaker interfaces different characters and socio/political foundations so as to evaluate the shameful acts executed in England. The occupied, business city of London works as a space in which the speaker can envision the inevitable interconnections of English organization and residents. Albeit isolated by contrasts of class and sexual orientation, the residents of London review against one another with the goal that the wretchedness of poor people and seized is an immediate prosecution of the insensitivity of the rich and incredible, f the establishments of state and religion.      The speaker of the sonnet accentuates the social and monetary contrasts that different the residents of London. By rehashing the word "charter'd", he helps the peruser to remember the business idea of the city, the way that parts of it are claimed, and that not every person has equivalent access to products or property. In the main line of his sonnet as Blake discusses how he is meandering through the "charter'd" roads, he is remarking on this business part of London. As he proceeds onward in his sonnet he likewise alludes to the "charter'd" Thames, he is letting us know in this second line even a stream which is a power of nature, is claimed in London. At the point when Blake says that he sees "marks of shortcoming, signs of woe" in "every face" he meets, he implies that he can perceive how this corporate greed is influencing everybody rich and poor.      Yet, in spite of the divisions that the word charter'd proposes, the speaker fights that nobody in London, neither rich or poor, gets away from an inescapable feeling of hopelessness and ensnarement. The speaker discusses how in "every cry of each man" he hears the wretchedness. Blake is by and by advising us this is influencing everybody. As he proceeds to remark on he can hear it in "every newborn children cry of fear", he is stating that even the infants recognize what will transpire when they grow up and they dread the hopelessness that they will before long face. In the following line of the sonnet Blake decides to utilize an intriguing word. At the point when he composes "in each ban" he leaves the line open to a wide range of understandings. The word boycott can mean a political restriction, a revile, or a declaration of marriage. The political significance is a conspicuous one in this sonnet, Blake clearly doesn't care for the legislative issues of London and he fells that the corporate greed is keeping the individuals from being cheerful.

Italian Reflexive Verbs - I Verbi Riflessivi

Italian Reflexive Verbs - I Verbi Riflessivi What is an Italian reflexive action word (verbo riflessivo)? This can regularly be a peculiar theme in light of the fact that, in English, action words arent frequently thought of as being reflexive, be that as it may, in Italian, a reflexive action word is one when the activity completed by the subject is performed on a similar subject. So for instance, â€Å"I wash myself† or â€Å"I sit myself in the chair†. The subject, â€Å"I†, am doing the washing and the sitting. It’s essential to realize that not all action words are reflexive, yet there are bounty out there and each must be remembered. What Does a Reflexive Verb Resemble? So as to make an Italian action word reflexive, drop the - e of its infinitive closure and include the pronoun si. For instance, pettinare (to brush) becomes pettinarsi (to brush oneself) in the reflexive. Si is an extra pronoun, known as the reflexive pronoun, which is required while conjugating reflexive action words. Note that some reflexive action words can be utilized without the reflexive pronouns. For this situation, their significance changes: - Alzarsi to wake up/to get up Tu ti alzi. (You get up.) Tu alzi la sedia. (You lift the seat.) How Do You Conjugate Reflexive Verbs? Here are a few tables of action words in the current state so you can get a thought of how reflexive action words are conjugated. Innamorarsi - To experience passionate feelings for Mi innamoro - I experience passionate feelings for Ci innamoriamo - We experience passionate feelings for Ti innamori - You experience passionate feelings for Vi innamorate - You (all) experience passionate feelings for Si innamora - He/she experiences passionate feelings Si innamorano - They experience passionate feelings for Sedersi - To sit oneself/To sit down Mi siedo - I sit (myself) Ci sediamo - We sit (ourselves) Ti siedi - You sit (yourself) Vi sedete - You (all) sit (yourselves) Si siede - He/she sits (him/herself) Si siedono - They sit (themselves) Divertirsi - To have a good time/to have a fabulous time Mi diverto - I have a ton of fun Ci divertiamo - We have a ton of fun Ti diverti - You have a ton of fun Vi divertite - You (all) have a fabulous time Si diverte - He/she has a ton of fun Si divertono - They have a ton of fun Shouldn't something be said about With the Past Tense? At the point when you conjugate reflexive action words in the past tense, you should utilize â€Å"essere† as your helper action word. Here’s a model utilizing the action word â€Å"svegliarsi - to wake up†. Svegliarsi - To wake up Mi sono svegliato/a - I woke up Ci siamo svegliati/e - We woke up Ti sei svegliato/a - You woke up Vi siete svegliati/e - You all woke up Si svegliato/a - He/she woke up Si sono svegliati/e - They woke up Notice how the last letter of â€Å"svegliato† changes. That’s on the grounds that the closure must concur in sexual orientation and number with the subject. A List of Common Reflexive Verbs in Italian accorgersi (di) to take note addormentarsi to nod off to get up arrabbiarsi to blow up chiamarsi to be named to cover oneself divertirsi to have a ton of fun, to have a ball farsi il bagno to wash oneself farsi la doccia to wash up farsi male to get injured, hurt oneself innamorarsi (di) to go gaga for lavarsi to wash oneself laurearsi to graduate mettersi to put (attire) on pettinarsi to brush ones hair radersi to shave sedersi to plunk down sentirsi to feel to strip sposarsi (con) to get hitched svegliarsi to wake up vestirsi to get dressed Esempi Le ragazze si sono sedute. - The young ladies are sitting down.Sto cercando un posto dove sedermi un attimo. - I’m searching for a spot where I can sit for a while.Ci siamo innamorati due anni fa e ci siamo sposati un anno fa. - We experienced passionate feelings for a long time and we got hitched one year ago.Mi sono svegliato/an alle 7. - I woke up at 7.Marco fa sempre molta fatica a svegliarsi la mattina. - Marco consistently needs to battle to wake up in the morning.Chiara impiega tantissimo beat a vestirsi! - Chiara sets aside an extremely long effort to get dressed!Tutti a lavarsi le mani prima di pranzo! - Everybody wash your hands before lunch!Mykonos à ¨ un posto ideale per divertirsi. - Mykonos is the ideal goal to have fun.Mio padre mi ha insegnato a radermi. - My father showed me how to shave.Per avere una bella pella bisogna sempre struccarsi prima di andare a letto. - In request to keep up a decent skin you generally need to take your cosmetics off before going to bed.Mi sono laureata un anno fa. - I graduated one year ago.Ho proprio bisogno di farmi un bagno! - I truly need to clean up! Copriti bene che fuori fa freddo! - Cover yourself up in light of the fact that it’s cold outside!Non ho capito come ha fatto a farsi male. - I didn’t see how he figured out how to hurt himself.

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The Assault on Reason by Al Gore - Free Essay Example

The article â€Å"The Assault on Reason’, Introduction was written by Al Gore in the year 2007. The article shows the various stages that the American democracy has passed through the years and the danger it is involved with because of corruption from i8nfluential blocks. Gore argues that the members of the American sphere are dependent on falsehood as the backbone of policy making (Gore, 1). He also depicts that different essential composition of the American nation from the media, congress and the independent judiciary which are supposed to propel the country into greater heights of democracy have failed the country (Gore, 2). He shows that the democracy level of the country has been failed not only by the policies of President Bush at the time but by the people in general. There is need people to utilize the free speech and the judiciary to make sure that they check and balance the decision and policies that are made in the political field rather than sleeping on their rights (Massaro, 12). Gore shows that the democracy of the nation is in danger form the changes in political and all spheres of the American environment. Gore shows that public discourse is one of the tools that have lost its path in demonstration of the democracy (Gore, 6). He argues that the 2001 polls depicted that Saddam Hussein was responsible for the 9/11 attack but in 2007 still half of the American people believe that he is connected to the attack (Gore, 3). He also suggests that the American airwaves have been corrupted in such a way that the case of the O.J Simpson trial was a mere serial obsession of the media power houses rather than promoting good sense (Gore, 3). The media has been in high obsession of many things such as the bizarre death of six year old Jon-Benet Ramsey. The high coverage hours of the cases which was still even in documentation of the articles suggests that the media has been blinded. The American watchers were tied to watching a series of events from trials, and other med ia stuffs that are of lesser relevance in building the nation (Gore, 5). The media focuses too much on petty things in the society today rather than majoring in things that affect the democracy and building of the nation. This poses as a threat to the nation. There is lack of reason by many blocks especially the media in driving democracy to people doors (Kellner, 25). Gore also argues that there is ignorance in terms of making decisions that involve going to war or seek peace (Gore, 5). He demonstrates that there is lack of debates so as to project the consequences of the decision that people make either in the judiciary or bin the congress. Decisions that involve invading a country a crucial and thus there is need to make a lot of consultations and deliberations before executing the idea. Gore suggests that the senate has been one of the tools that have led to the fall of the nation’s democracy (Gore, 5). The senators are involved in many fundraising projects rather than being in their stipulated place where they can debate the essential things of the nation. He depicts that the time that Senator Byrd description of the senate on crucial matter of the war was met in abnormal state since most of the members were indulging themselves in projects that will lead to their reelection (Gore, 4). In the eve of war there was lack of better indulges of all of members in making the decision. This demonstrates how they have fallen behind in making decisions that will drive the country into a more democratic zone (Gans, 11). America was built from diverse cultures thus there is need to involve the various people and many sections of the institution of government sphere should be involved in the execution of democracy in the nation (Gans, 4). The media especially the television has fallen to impact the people but rather has focused on seeking attention. The television was supposed to overtake the printing media and therefore its greater influence was supposed to increase the value of democracy (Kellner, 21). Gore suggests that the concept of governance can be bought by many people vying for the seats in the governance (Gore, 10). He shows that the various ads and the opinion polls have shifted the democracy of the country through promotion of wealthy members of community rather than visionary ones (Gore, 12). The television has been very influential in dividing many people through the publicizing the public opinions sampling which has been based on propagandas. The public forum has decayed so much that th e manufacture of consent has emerged in the American sphere where it was expected to have died from the past prediction (Gore, 14). There is need for the public forum to establish accountability of the government to the people (Gore, 10). The market place of the ideas is characterized by the market place being open to ideas from everyone, dependency on meritocracy and the fact that the participants’ unspoken duty was enriched for agreement (Parks et al, 2015). In conclusion, various medium of spreading information have existed in the American world. The printing press was the most common form of media in the American world but the television has overtaken it. These medium is essential in the promotion of democracy but there is falsehood in most public forums where the element of propaganda in public opinions has stretched the democracy of the country to its bottom. The people of America have failed the country from the ruling class, the judiciary, common public and media. There is need to put focus on things that will enable the development of the democracy of the nation rather than things that seek the attention or promoting re-election in member of states. People should not allow fear to overcome reason in the exercise of democracy.

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How London is Portrayed in Composed upon Westminster...

How London is Portrayed in Composed upon Westminster Bridge and London William Wordsworths poem, Composed upon Westminster Bridge written in 1904 looks at the positive side of London city and it natural Beauty. Whereas William Blake wrote the poem, London in 1794, the poem is negative towards authority and politics. The theme of the two poems is the city of London and how different people preserve it. All bright and glittering in the smokeless air (line 8) is a romantic view of the city of London. William Blakes perception is different. Marks of weakness, marks of woe (line 4) shows that London is corrupt and unhappy. The two poets, hence, have contrasting views of the city London. Wordsworth view is†¦show more content†¦William Wordsworth writes in prose opposed to William Blake who writes in structured negative verses. Earth (line 1) opposed to I Wonder onto each characterd street (line 1) are different, indicated by the punctuation mark The colon enables the writer to continue the and develop their ideas in the poem as colons are used generally to start a list or add explanations whereas a comma is used to develop an idea in more structure way in poetry, generally leading to a new line. William Wordsworth poem composed upon Westminster Bridge does not follow a rhyme scheme but William Blakes London poem follows a rhyme scheme. William Wordsworth poem flows trying to keep the romantic rhythm going whereas William Blakes is more sutured and following a rhyme scheme. Both poems are enriched with various language patterns that enhance our reading and improve on Wordsworth showing his feelings for London in a figurative way. This city morning (line 4/5) Blake uses a more abstract style using people and buildings of London to present the intentions they are associated with. How the chimney appals (line 9/10) Using personification, Wordsworths brings the city alive, taking the beauty of the morning. Blake uses imagery and alliteration to highlight the suffering of the citys people. He is attacking the Church. Wordsworth poem has a natural message of how a city can expand. He has no political messages. However, Blakes poemShow MoreRelatedComparing the Poets Use of Language To Present Their View of London in Composed Upon Westminster Bridge by Wordsworth and London by Blake1571 Words   |  7 PagesComparing the Poets Use of Language To Present Their View of London in Composed Upon Westminster Bridge by Wordsworth and London by Blake London was, is and undoubtedly always will be, a city of enormous interest and controversy, especially for those employed in the field of writing. The two poems, Composed Upon Westminster Bridge, 1802, by William Wordsworth and London, 1794, by William Blake, demonstrate this through their opposing views. The intention of both WilliamRead MoreComposed Upon Westminster Bridge by William Wordsworth Essay484 Words   |  2 PagesComposed Upon Westminster Bridge by William Wordsworth Poets often express great enthusiasm in their poetry. Show how Wordsworth does this in the poem. William Wordsworth expresses his feelings and views about the majestic morning view of London through this poem. He writes as though he appreciates the rare opportunity to see the real beauty of London. The poem gives you the feeling as if you were part of the poem or the author, sitting on Westminster Bridge admiringRead MoreWilliam Blake And William Wordsworth1099 Words   |  5 Pagesexperiences with nature to the reader. William Blake and William Wordsworth had two different perspectives when they portrayed London. William Blake was born and lived all of his life in London. He was very religious and politically-minded person. Blake s poem, London, is very negative because it is an expression of his sadness, anger and despair for the population of London. He puts London out to be disheartening, horrible, and very much in despair. He mentions that it is filled with depressed peopleRead MoreComparing Cities And Contrasting Cities2155 Words   |  9 Pagescould be in London on the Westminster Bridge overlooking the beautiful water and amazing architecture of the city watching time tick away, or, you could be in Chicago in the midst of the hustle and bustle, watching the hardworking people of a city with such energy and life live their lives. Or you could be in Knoxville Tennessee on a gorgeous warm, sunny summer day eating barbeque, ice cream and greens. This is the beauty about city poems. One day you could be in the beautiful city of London EnglandRead More Aspects of a Sonnet Essay2511 Words   |  11 Pagesanswers the question, or resolves the tension. The rhyme scheme for the sestet is cdecde. For instance, Wilfred Owen uses the first eight-lines to describe how deaths at war are laid to rest and the sestet to describe how the same thing is done back home (Anthem for Doomed Youth). The rhyme scheme for the sestet is cdecde. This is how the famous poet Francesco Petrarca, thus why it is named the Petrarchan Sonnet chose to write his sonnets. However William Shakespeare, a famous EnglishRead MoreOrganisational Theory230255 Words   |  922 PagesOrganizational Theory takes you on a joyful ride through the developments of one of the great enigmas of our time – How should we understand the organization? Jan Ole Similà ¤, Assistant Professor, Nord-Trà ¸ndelag University College, Norway I really enjoyed this new text and I am sure my students will enjoy it, too. It combines rigorous theoretical argument with application and consideration of how managment practice is formed and shaped by ideas and concepts. The authors have brought their wealth of experienceRead MoreCase Study148348 Words   |  594 Pages photocopying, recording, or otherwise without either the prior written permission of the Publishers or a licence permitting restricted copying in the United Kingdom issued by the Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd., Saffron House, 6-10 Kirby Street, London EC1N 8TS. This book may not be lent, resold, hired out or othe rwise disposed of by way of trade in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published, without the prior consent of the Publishers. 2  © Pearson Education LimitedRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pages Organizational Behavior EDITION 15 Stephen P. Robbins —San Diego State University Timothy A. Judge —University of Notre Dame i3iEi35Bj! 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